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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To join a game, you must first register as a member on the website. Once you are registered, you can either create your own game or join an existing game by following the link provided by the host. Before joining a game, you will need to pay the registration fee to finalize your registration.

  • A Safe Code is a code generated for each player during registration that is used to verify a successful elimination. When a player eliminates their target, the target must provide their Safe Code to the eliminator to confirm the elimination. This helps to ensure fair play and prevent cheating.

  • Players who do not pay the registration fee before the game starts will not be included in the game. The moderator has the ability to check who has paid and who hasn't, and can send reminders to players to pay before the game begins.

  • No, the weapons used in the game are defined by the game host. This helps ensure that all players use the same weapons and prevents unfair advantages.

  • If there is a dispute between players, they can notify the moderator of the issue. The moderator will then work to resolve the dispute and ensure that the game continues to run smoothly.

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